This page is for my husband Vladimir.  As his name suggests, he is Russian, and like most Russian men he is able to repair almost everything.  I don’t think this is genetic (although it may be) but more a function of having lived through some very lean times, often facing a choice of ‘fix it or go without’.

Modern consumer goods that have been specially designed for a short life present a challenge, but he usually finds a way to break into sealed components and find the problem. The corporations that make these things would not be impressed.  I love the way he fights planned obsolescence!

Vladimir also makes things.  Beautiful things.  He is a perfectionist with an eye for detail, so all his creations are strong and well finished.

My penchant for wine keeps him busy finding new ways to recycle bottles.  He’s also welded bits of scrap metal to make scary friends for Masha, – a spider complete with web, and a bat with leather wings.


11 thoughts on “Vladimir

  1. Thank you – I love it too. He has been out and about today with a Tanzanian friend and thinks he may have a commission for four of these, but with long candles instead of the tea lights, so slightly different construction. Actually, this suits him because he doesn’t like repeating himself, -s much more interested in problem solving and making something unique. It’s so encouraging to have your feedback 🙂

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