Travel theme: Doorways

Doorways Photo Challenge

Thank you to Where’s My Backpack for the invitation to join in the doorways travel theme

Detail of Zanzibar door

Detail of Zanzibar door

The doors of Zanzibar are special.  The design and intricate, stylised carvings, tell stories of the slave trade, of the Swahili culture, of people who earned their living on the sea, of influences from India, Oman and Persia.  Many were removed and sold to canny collectors before their real value as national heritage was recognised, and now an effort is being made to conserve those that remain.  Zanzibar’s doors are one of the reasons I will never tire of walking the winding, narrow streets of Stonetown.  I especially like it when an open door gives a glimpse of a cool, dark interior, where ordinary life continues behind a most extraordinary entrance.

7 thoughts on “Travel theme: Doorways

  1. I loved Stonetown, even though my friend almost got put in jail and we had to bribe his way out.

    A long story but it involved forging driving licences, illegally hiring bikes, a panic attack, a cyclist and an orange stall.

    The old ones are the best…

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