Bench Series 1: Monochrome

Bench Series Monochrome

Here’s my post for February’s Bench Series

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

I took this photo because I loved the light from the gorgeous pastel-cloured leadlight windows falling across the worn bench and flagstones.  I did try cropping it but reverted to this version as I felt it gave the bench more of a sense of place.

8 thoughts on “Bench Series 1: Monochrome

  1. Thanks for the link. I would love to go to the New Mexico desert! I admire Ansel Adams’ photos, – also Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings. I spent a couple of days in and around Mont Saint-Michel, – it kept drawing me back. I felt I had to capture it from all angles and at all hours and I had a bicycle. And inside, – I got lost for hours. It is mystical, both from a natural forms point of view and the man-made structures, their impressiveness and purpose. I found it magical and peaceful, with a visual delight around every corner.

    • Thank you. It’s a lovely challenge, – I haven’t focused 🙂 on benches consciously in the past and they are a great subject with a lot of scope. Am enjoying trawling through old photos just in case. Also looking out for new ones and appreciating other people’s.

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