Vladimir’s latest project

Konyagi Crab detail.   Crab Konyagi bottle

Vladimir has just finished his first glass engraving project.  It’s a crab etched onto a Konyagi (local gin) bottle for our friend’s birthday, – he’s a Cancer.  (The photo doesn’t really do it justice, – I will try for another one tomorrow in daylight).


9 thoughts on “Vladimir’s latest project

  1. Thank you! (I agree 🙂 ) And yet another reason to keep up the supply of empty bottles! By the way Dookes, I added a page for Vladimir and his projects, – is it obvious, or should I be using some widget to direct people from this post to his page?

    • Thank you Heather! By the time I make one for you it will be even better. This was only my first. But it’s a very interesting process. I have also learnt the difference between cheap and expensive tools.

    • Wow, amazing, of course I don’t mind! Not sure my blog is anywhere near award-worthy yet but the thought is really really nice, and SO encouraging. Going to your page right now… 🙂

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