Around the World Reading Challenge

I’ve just signed up for a reading challenge at: Not a hardship post, – more of an invitation really.  How lovely!  I have agreed to read at least one book by authors from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa in 2015.  Oh, I have to write about them too. I’m currently about halfway through a wonderful book by Owen Sheers called The Dust Diaries.  Described as ‘semi-fictional’, it is written in such a way that I believe every word.  It is the story of Sheers’ search for the truth about his great-uncle, a British missionary in Southern Rhodesia during the first half of the twentieth century.  A story within a story, it is written with great warmth and wit. Both stories, that of the adventurous young Sheers tramping around Zimbabwe, and that of his ancestor, the Rev. Cripps, in whose footsteps he walks (sometimes quite literally), are utterly compelling. I’ll post more when I have finished reading.  Owen Sheers was born in Fiji and raised in South Wales,  – I think he qualifies as my first European author. Thanks for the idea Debra and happy reading fellow travellers!


4 thoughts on “Around the World Reading Challenge

    • Thanks for leaving a comment David. I took the book challenge to mean reading 5 new books, – and to me the challenge is really in the writing about them. (Reading is a treat!) I like your reviews, – the London one sounds like an intriguing book. And for me The Book Thief is a brilliant read, – I had no idea the author now lives in Australia, so thanks for that. I couldn’t leave a comment on your site because I am not on Facebook.

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