Portrait Gallery


Thanks to Hogrider Dookes at https://hogriderdookes.wordpress.com for inspiring me with the Gallery format.  To try it out I’ve posted a few old portraits in a variety of media.  I really love working in soft pastel, and they usually work for me, but am still always trying to become a better painter.  I also love the texture and ‘accidents’ that happen with collage and watercolour.


9 thoughts on “Portrait Gallery

  1. Hello Sandydunne,

    In all that blogging 101 mayhem I just realized I had not yet clicked the follow button for your blog!?
    Done now, looking forward to your lovely posts and comments…

  2. Thank you for liking my oil pastel post as that led me to your blog. Not many painting and drawing blogs that I found on 101… heaps of writing, photography. So happy to connect. Love your work especially collage. And yes watercolour and exploring other media is exciting.Soft pastel is excellent and controllable so you can get what you want but I need variety and those accidents you mentioned to keepo me enthused.

  3. Thank you Evelyn. So glad you visited. I know there are lots of wonderful painters out there but as you say, the majority of 101 bloggers seem to be writers and photographers. I find myself doing more writing as a result! 🙂 At the moment I’m doing some non-representational acrylic work with a group of students, – pouring, scumbling, scraping, masking, washing, adding texture, etc. – all very exciting because of the uncertainty of the outcomes. See you again soon! Sandy

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